Exhibition at “On disappearing” festival, Literaturhaus Zürich

23-26 February 2024

During the international literature festival “On disappearing and Re-Emerging” at Literaturhaus Zürich I was presenting the photo series “Changing Landscapes”.

It was the second year of the war in Ukraine on this date, at the same time with my exhibition Ukrainian authors Tanja Maljartschuk and Jurko Prochasko discussed “Disappearing literature in times of the war”. It was full of people.

Aesthetica Art Prize 2024

I was a part of Aesthetica Art Prize 2024 show at the York Art Gallery (UK)  from 16 February to 21 April 2024.

This year, we’re delighted to present 21 shortlisted creatives, as well as a longlist of more than 250 artists. Their work is categorised here by genre, prompting viewers to consider important questions about the evolving relationship between humans and the natural world, the fluidity of medium, and the power of claiming identity. From painting, photography and sculpture to video, mixed-media and installation, everything begins with an idea. These works are active not passive, and, together, they create a new dialogue that defies paradigms, contributing to the progression of the human story. These artists will leave a legacy, influencing generations to come.

The video highlights from the exhibition and my interview from 25 sec.

I presented my photo series “Changing Landscapes”. It was an amazing light show in the gallery during the first weeks of the exhibition.

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