The photo project 2023-ongoing

My photo series explores the connections between people, humans and nature, and person and inner self through the combination of portraits and still life. The photos capture the beauty that emerges when the models let go of their façade and show their true selves in front of my camera. Each picture reveals two stories – my own creative process and the story that each individual brings to the session, including their identity, hopes, fears, and happiness. One couple allowed me to capture their love, happiness, and sense of belonging in a single image. Brocken still-life is about fragile things in our life. we can break them without intention, and then it’s not possible to repair them, but we can try to find beauty in this new form.

Prints are available in limited editions printed on high-quality archival museum paper.

The photo series was exhibited in March 2023 in Villa Straeuli, Winterthur, Switzerland.

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