Der Greif magazine featured

My work from the series “Dreaming about you and mountains” was featured in Der Greif magazine.

: Curator, writer & scholar Renée Mussai (@mussairenee), who pursues a special interest in Black feminist and queer visual arts practices, has chosen to collaborate with Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński (@bel.kamkaze), a writer, artist & artistic researcher engaging in a process-oriented practice that deals with the condition of Black life in the African diaspora. Together, they have developed the following framework for your submissions: “Response-ability — Touch/Change — Otherwise”.

“Taking our cues from Toni Morrison’s potent expression of ‘response-ability’ and Octavia E. Butler’s generative ideas of transformation, we invite artists to consider notions of change — chemical, social, emotional, personal, political, economic, sexual, cultural, physical, and otherwise.”

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